Keep Your Heater Working This Winter

Set up an HVAC maintenance plan in St. Louis, MO

The cold winter weather brings a lot of fun to the St. Louis, Missouri area. You can enjoy ice skating at several locations around the city or go sledding when it snows. There are even ski resorts for people born with a need for speed. But the cold weather will stop being fun in no time when the heater in your home breaks down.

The best way to avoid a disaster this winter is with an HVAC maintenance plan from Climate Solutions. Our HVAC contractor can visit your home in St. Louis, MO to clean out your heater and inspect it for potential problems. We'll make sure it's working properly so you can depend on it to keep your home warm all winter long.

Learn more about our HVAC maintenance plan when you contact us today.

Signs you need heater maintenance services

We recommend arranging for heating maintenance services twice a year for the best results. But you should also watch out for signs that your heater needs immediate help, such as...

  • Your heating bill is spiking suddenly
  • The heater is making strange banging or squealing noises
  • You're constantly adjusting your thermostat to try to keep your home comfortable

If your heater seems to have a problem, we can help. We'll explain the issue and recommend the most effective solution. Call our HVAC contractor at 314-681-9320 to set up HVAC services in St. Louis, MO.